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Hourly, On-Demand Experts to help you hire top marketing, sales and technical talent with zero stress.

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1H Recruiting takes a fresh approach to traditional recruiting by focusing on transparency, efficiency and flexibility to meet your hiring needs. And clients see dramatic savings through our improved hourly model.

“I want to express my positive shock about the 1H process. When you said that you are disrupting the recruitment industry I was intrigued — but now I see that you are actually doing it.”
— Stas Tushinskiy | CEO,


Our recruiters have decades of experience and will partner with you, learn about your needs, and make your hiring success the #1 priority. At 1H Recruiting, we focus on creating a seamless hiring experience that will make you smile.



You pay by the hour for the recruiter's expertise, and you never pay any placement fees or commissions after a search is filled. This allows us to be efficient and agile in our approach, which is what your company deserves. It's simply a better way to partner with recruiters.