Why Do Good Employees Quit?

There are many reasons good employees leave that are beyond your control- military service, moving for a spouse's’ job, needing to stay home with children. You can’t do anything about big life events. You can’t change a person’s priorities. There are, however, many reasons good employees leave that are totally within your control.

Everything You Need to Know About Hiring Gen-Z

Every year the entry-level workforce gets more and more tech savvy. Remember the way the advent of the millennial shook corporate America to its core? The oldest millennials are now in their 30’s. Chances are pretty good that a number of people on your leadership team are considered millennials. A new invasion has begun: Generation Z.

How To Find Your First Executive Team

Hiring for your start-up is always a stressful time. When the time comes to hire managers and executives, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the pressure to find the perfect fit. We get that. Giving up control over your product, your strategy, and your growth can be daunting. Start with some manageable first steps:

4 Signs You Need to Reinvent Your Employer Brand for 2019 + 4 Easy Ways to Get Started

With company culture at the forefront of a candidate’s decision-making process, good employer branding is a necessary element of any recruiting strategy. It helps guard against toxic hires, it attracts passive talent to your site, and it helps your hiring managers create a cohesive image of your company. But, are you approaching your employer brand in the most effective way?

Link Round-Up: Hiring Interns

Hiring interns is a great way to add young and innovative talent to your team. There are a lot of different ways to go about finding the right students for your internship program. Whether you’re just getting started with an internship program or gearing up for your hiring push in the spring, here are a few great resources to keep in mind:

The Importance of a Second Interview

Holding two interviews gives you the power to create a more human hiring process. Once you have a pool of qualified candidates, you can use the first round to assess technical skills, and save the second to dive into cultural fit, and even bring in department heads and other employees to help make the final decision.

How to Judge a Candidate's Social Profile

Is your team using social media to assess critical skills and culture fit as well? Networks like Facebook and Twitter can be just as valuable as LinkedIn during the hiring process. Using multiple social media channels gives you a more comprehensive view of candidates’ ideas, ethics, and skills.