The Importance of a Second Interview

Holding two interviews gives you the power to create a more human hiring process. Once you have a pool of qualified candidates, you can use the first round to assess technical skills, and save the second to dive into cultural fit, and even bring in department heads and other employees to help make the final decision.

How to Judge a Candidate's Social Profile

Is your team using social media to assess critical skills and culture fit as well? Networks like Facebook and Twitter can be just as valuable as LinkedIn during the hiring process. Using multiple social media channels gives you a more comprehensive view of candidates’ ideas, ethics, and skills.

4 Quick Tips to Decrease Your Time to Fill

It’s go time. The job description is approved, the requirements are in order, and you’ve just spent way too long preparing for the hardest part of the job - waiting for interested applicants. Here are a few tips to keep interest up and your hiring process running smoothly.

Link Round-Up: Candidate Experience

It can also be very important when you are hiring in a competitive field, because employee review sites are more important than ever in the job search. We’ve collected this month’s best insights from candidate experience experts in this link roundup: