Stop Inmailing and Leverage Your Employees for Better LinkedIn Recruiting

Stop Inmailing and Leverage Your Employees for Better LinkedIn Recruiting

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LinkedIn is a hard cookie to crack. It's a veritable mine of untapped potential for you and your team. But the abundance of possible connections and candidates on the site can be overwhelming for internal recruiting teams.

Cold outreach to potential candidates can only get you so far. In an environment stocked with full-time recruiters, your messages can get lost in the noise. Instead of wasting your time with cold outreach, share the responsibility of cultivating an engaging presence with your other employees. Leverage their personal networks, pages, and interests to get your company's employer brand out there, and then the right talent will come pouring in.  

LinkedIn Groups

Get your staff to join LinkedIn groups (if they haven't already) related to the industries, departments, and roles that they fill. Offer incentives for sharing best practices, questions, and feedback in specific groups that will help drive organic brand awareness for your company.

An active presence in an engineering group, for example, can pay off big when you’re looking for new analysts and architects for your team. You can use authentic connections between your current staff and potential candidates to fuel the recruiting process.

Your Company’s Content

When you know that you’ve got an important or hard-to-fill position opening up, strategize with the marketing team to share engaging and interesting content that will attract the attention of potential candidates. As a whole, your social strategy probably relies on being a thought leader in your industry, but content about your team, their projects, and their daily operations can be a good way to increase the variety of posts in your content repository while also attracting the attention of relevant candidates.

Try sharing videos about your company, employees, or best-practices, as these tend to get higher engagement ever since LinkedIn enabled native video playing right in the newsfeed, and don’t forget to share videos and images in your LinkedIn groups for higher engagement as well.

First Impressions

Candidates today check a company’s LinkedIn profile before they ever engage with your recruiting efforts. First impressions on the company and career page are an important part of your overall recruiting strategy. Make sure that your company page is on-brand and interesting to read, especially during high-growth periods. A well maintained page shows that you care about how you present your brand.

Make sure that the heads of departments that are hiring are active on their LinkedIn pages as well. This includes participating in groups, posting organic content, or just interacting with your content online. This makes you look more approachable as a group, and helps to make a good impression on job seekers.

LinkedIn is a great way to find and source talent for your team. Thinking outside the box with how you engage with that talent will make you feel less like you’re inboxing people to death and more like you’re making quality connections that you can use time and time again.

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