Avoid the Panic - 4 Tips to Stay Proactive in Your Hiring

Avoid the Panic - 4 Tips to Stay Proactive in Your Hiring

Among our clients, especially fast-growing technology companies, the desire to fill a position often becomes an urgent need. Worse, it can become a source of panic or stress for everyone involved. “We need to fill the position yesterday” is what we might hear on a kickoff call with a new client, and the pressure is on to get the role filled.

Maybe you’re resigned to the fact that hiring is inherently messy, stressful, and time-consuming. In a tight job market like we have today, when it seems as if all the right people are happily employed, it makes sense to think this way.

However, we disagree with this assertion. In fact, we believe a well-oiled, efficient hiring process can evoke quite the opposite emotion. Rather than stress about hiring, what if you could smile about it?

How, you might ask? By staying laser-focused on being 100% proactive, rather than reactive, in your quest to attract great talent. We know that sometimes other things, like running your business, can take priority. Therefore, to do this, we are proposing four proven (but sometimes overlooked) tips to keep ahead of your game and change the way you view hiring. Here you go:

1. Find Ways to Use Temporary Talent, Such as Contractors & Interns

Who doesn’t appreciate a chance to “try before you buy,” especially with an important decision like hiring a new person? Not every role is going to be suited for a temporary solution. With a little creativity, however, it’s possible to use contractors more than you realize. Defining a project, instead of a F/T role, can help you alleviate immediate pressure on your team without significant disruption. Plus, you can keep that contractor on longer term if he/she does a good job.

Of course, for more junior roles, a solid intern program can keep your pipeline of top-tier talent forever warm. You don’t need to be a large company to build an effective college recruiting program, either. Here’s a good resource to help you get started.

2. Constantly Keep Networking With Local Talent

When you’re looking for a job, you know that networking is critical. But when you’re on the hiring side, it’s equally important to keep networking wherever you can. One idea is for the leaders of your company to periodically connect with talented individuals on LinkedIn, and make time for coffee or a phone conversation. You’ll be able to get a real look at someone, as opposed to meeting their “interview persona.” It also is a great way to showcase your team’s culture authentically. If a CEO shows an interest in getting to know me, I am going to think highly of that company!

Another great way to keep your networking door open is through hosting or sponsoring events. An informal, monthly happy hour will invite new prospective talent into your purview, and it will also show off your more authentic culture. It requires little effort, but it will help you stand apart.

3. Ask Candidates for Feedback on Your Process

Another way to stay proactive is to simply be aware of any holes in your process. Candidates who go through your interview cycle will likely form some strong opinions about your company. Sometimes positive impressions, and sometimes not so good… So, ask them to share their views! Be genuinely ready to listen to what they tell you. Doing so will help you address areas for improvement on a regular basis.

4. Make Investments in Professional Recruiters or Sourcers

We often see companies turn to outside recruiters as a last resort, for the hardest to fill positions. “If we absolutely can’t find this person, then we’ll throw it over to an agency, and only if we have to!”

Deploying skilled recruiters can actually be one of the most effective, proactive measures you can take. That’s because professional recruiters have tools and tricks to find people more quickly than you can do on your own. And they know intuitively what to look for in screening and weeding out the masses. This added “search horsepower” could pay huge dividends when utilized.

We hope all of this will give you a leg up on being more proactive as you grow and face the need to hire amazing talent.

Keep at it, and remember to smile!

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