4 Free Tools That Will Help to Improve Your Candidate Experience

4 Free Tools That Will Help to Improve Your Candidate Experience

There’s no denying that the HR world has its fair share of tech. Your team might already be relying on software, automated messaging, and applicant tracking systems to source and hire candidates. While all of these tools have benefits, it can be hard to find the budget for that “one more thing” that will make your hiring process more efficient.

Luckily, there are plenty of free tools in the workplace (that you might already be using) that can help speed up your hiring process and improve your candidate experience. Here is our list of the top 4 FREE tools that you can use to keep candidates engaged and informed throughout the hiring process.


We’ve all used some form of video chat in our personal lives. Whether we’re Facetiming with our parents, Skyping our friends, or using Google Hangouts to check in at home, many people have come to rely on video chat as an alternative to in-person interactions. These mediums all have a premium version (see: Skype for Business), but all have simple versions that you can use to make face-to-face connections with your candidates.

Video interviews are becoming more and more popular as a way to cut down on cost-to-hire. Apps like Callnote give your hiring team the advantage of recording your video interview to review later, so you don’t have to worry about taking notes as you’re talking. You can engage more fully with each candidate to assess their fit with your company. You can even use the app to edit the footage into a presentation for any stakeholders in the hiring process.


Typeform is a tool that helps you gather feedback from candidates about their experience with your company. Its basic plan lets you collect 100 responses/month for free. You have the freedom to create and build questionnaires around your candidate experience that can help you improve your hiring process for the future.


FullContact is a free Gmail plugin that gives you insight into who you’re emailing as a sidebar in your inbox. Not only does it put a face to the name (if applicable), but it offers you links to a candidate's social media pages and current company information.

You can use this information to help refresh your memory on exactly who you are talking to at any given time. You can also use the links to connect with candidates on social media platforms and dig into their current employment status. FullContact is typically thought of as a sales tool, but your “lead generation” is just as important as any sales team’s leads!

Social Media

If you’re actively recruiting candidates, then the use of social media in your hiring process should be a no-brainer. However, we find that many of our clients who are frustrated with their recruiting process aren’t harnessing media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter in the best ways.

LinkedIn is THE PLACE to find and source qualified talent. However, it has been swarming with recruiters for years now. Unless a candidate is actively searching for a new job, it’s easy for them to ignore your inmail requests. Getting in front of candidates in this environment can be hard. Focus on cultivating your personal brand through the types of updates and articles you share with your network. Try to have at least one mutual connection with the candidates you are trying to source, and once you have their attention BE HUMAN when you interact. Send frequent updates about where they are in the hiring process or any changes to the job description. Notify candidates about next steps quickly and personably and show genuine interest in how they see themselves at your company.

Similarly, when you’re recruiting on Twitter, your personal brand will make or break a candidate’s impression of you and overall experience. If you don’t have the time or opportunity to cultivate a following and create/share relevant content with your audience, then Twitter might not be the best recruiting forum for you.

In general, social recruiting takes a lot of time and savvy to be effective. If you ever need help sourcing candidates, give us a call!

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