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4 Signs You Need to Reinvent Your Employer Brand for 2019 + 4 Easy Ways to Get Started

With company culture at the forefront of a candidate’s decision-making process, good employer branding is a necessary element of any recruiting strategy. It helps guard against toxic hires, it attracts passive talent to your site, and it helps your hiring managers create a cohesive image of your company. But, are you approaching your employer brand in the most effective way?

How to Make Sure Your External Recruiter Cares about Candidate Experience

Engaging an external recruiter sounds like an easy way to patch up any holes in your hiring process. Unlike you and your team, it seems like their entire job is to engage with candidates, and you might assume they have a system for doing it well. You want to make sure that their workload is balanced enough that they are able to devote time and motivation to respond to unqualified applicants.