4 Concrete Ways to Improve Your Employer Brand

4 Concrete Ways to Improve Your Employer Brand

If you aren’t getting the response you need from online job postings, then you probably need to take a few steps towards improving your employer brand. Employer branding is increasingly important in the online job market. It is your first chance to attract and qualify the best fits for your organization. If you are running into roadblocks in your branding, or haven’t given it much thought, here are five concrete ways you can improve your employer brand:

1. Build Out a Great Careers Site

You attract different types of customers to your site using different calls to action and landing pages. Consider building out an entirely separate site (or landing page) for applicants to interact with your brand and job descriptions. Include pages to showcase your company’s culture and employees, your mission and values, and anything uniquely beneficial about working with you.

One idea we love: day in the life videos. Instead of just listing out the average duty day an employee will have, boast your company culture with a video the demonstrates a typical day in that department. Include things that highlight your office and company culture, like artisanal coffee breaks, daily team brainstorming sessions, and quick, easy lunch options. Our friends at Lithium have a great example on their careers page:

2. Incentivize Employee Feedback

The satisfaction of your current team is a crucial element of your employer brand. Obviously, the more satisfied and engaged your employees are, the more welcoming and positive your brand looks from the outside.

Studies show that job seekers are more likely to seriously consider applying for a position if someone they know or trust has given the company a positive review. If your employees’ experience is different than your current brand, job seekers will notice the disconnect and second guess taking a job (or applying at all).

Make sure that you understand how your team describes their work to friends and peers and get ahead of any deficiencies in your company culture. Ask for quarterly feedback, and incentivize honest and constructive feedback. Further, incentivize external reviews on sites like Glassdoor to increase your brand’s presence in the marketplace.

3. Highlight Your Hiring Team

Chances are, you have a point-of-contact assigned to every role you hire to field questions, documents, and issues. Whether it’s an internal recruiter, hiring manager, or department head (or some combination of the three) ask to include their information in your job postings and careers cite to create a direct link between your candidates and your team. Most job postings miss out on this valuable opportunity to inject a little human touch into the hiring process:


Instead, add a small section to your job description that features the recruiter that will be handling applicants. Include their name, contact info, and Twitter handle. Bonus points if you include a video. Take a look at Deluxe for inspiration:


Each recruiter on the team provides contact info via email and LinkedIn, and also as an intro video on the careers team’s Youtube page that is embedded in the ad. Beyond humanizing the hiring process, shining a spotlight on your recruiters gives job seekers a way to research your team ahead of interviews and prepare accordingly. You’ll be able to gauge their culture-fit by the extent to which they understand and internalize how you brand your team.

4. Be Consistent

Your employer branding needs to be aligned to your consumer branding. Remain consistent in your messaging and tone across all of your messaging. Keep an eye on external reviews and understand how they should be reflected in your branding. Your brand will need to be updated as your company grows and develops. Don’t forget to keep your messaging up-to-date. Remove postings from all sites when they are filled, and remember to post new and updated content frequently.

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