The Hiring Manager’s Guide to Writing a Perfect Job Description

The Hiring Manager’s Guide to Writing a Perfect Job Description

A quick and easy job description template to help you get started:

Job libs.png

The Basics:

Kick your job description off with what everyone needs to know: the job title, the primary objectives, the major duties, and necessary qualifications.

The Title:

Flashy job titles have been a contentious topic among hiring managers. Bottom line: If your company culture strongly supports phrasing like “sales ninja” and “engineering stud,” then it won’t necessarily hurt you, but it can keep candidates from organically finding your ads. We prefer more mainstream titles like “SDR” and “Senior UX Engineer.” It’s less interesting but gives candidates a clearer view of if they are qualified for the position. Remember that a job title is often the only part of your position description that a candidate sees before they decide whether or not to apply. Make sure that what you choose speaks to your audience.

Primary Objectives:

A role’s objectives are a way to ensure that candidates understand how the position is situated in the overall structure of the company as a whole (and how it contributes to your mission and vision). Brainstorm main objectives with members of the team for which you are hiring, especially people who currently hold similar positions. Take some inspiration from phrases like these:

  • Assist __supervisor__ with __main job duty__ with __specific skill__.

  • Develop __department__  with specific focus on __duty 1__, __duty 2__, and __duty 3__.

  • Create and develop __main duty__ for__team__.

Major Duties:

Duties ( or responsibilities) are your opportunity to tell a candidate what their day-to-day will look like. Be honest. Especially about frequent tasks that candidates might not like. For example, if you’re hiring a salesperson, don’t downplay any prospecting and cold-calling that the position will require. Be clear, concise, and positive with messaging like:

  • Oversees deployment of __role__ strategy by assisting with  _duty 1__ and __duty 2_ .

  • Manages __area__ through use of software like __qualification one__ and __qualification two__.

  • Directs __area___ operations with __activity one__, __activity two__, and __activity three__.

Necessary Qualifications:

This is a list of job skills and requirements that a candidate needs to do the job effectively. Try not to make your qualifications a laundry-list of skills you wish an engineer or sales executive has. There are many things that they can learn during on-boarding or on the job. Make sure that your qualifications are reasonable and in line with the department head’s expectations. Brainstorm for qualifications like:

  • Demonstrated knowledge of __software__.

  • Excellent skills in __noun__.

  • Experience in __field__.

  • Knowledge of __system of doing things__.

Filling out a template like this is all fun and games until you’re sitting on a 30 day old job posting without any qualified candidates to interview. Do a little bit of research before you sit down to write a description, and make a market map to understand how your hiring needs compare to those of your competitors.

Download our Job Libs template here.

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