Link Round-up: Employee Retention

Link Round-up: Employee Retention

Employee retention is a hot topic right now. No decent HR team functions without a retention strategy. You don’t want to be reactive to poor employee fits and decreasing happiness.

Instead, take tips from the five following articles to keep your employees engaged, happy, and valuable:

8 Reasons Why Valued Employees Quit

First, you need to understand the reasons why your employees leave. Sure, there are things we can’t control: lifestyle changes, moving for a spouse, military service. However, the things we can control matter. Are you guilty of any of Investopedia’s five reasons why your best employees might leave?

It Makes a Difference How Employees Quit- And When, and Why

This article by Gartner offers an empirical study of “career risk triggers” and how you can prevent the seven most common ways employees quit. Anthony Klotz, the author of the study, urges HR professionals to look into the ways they most often lose employees. The method of resignation chosen has a lot to say about the organization as a whole.

11 Employee Retention Strategies that Work

Workable offers HR teams 11 small steps they can take to improving their employee retention rates. Want to dig deeper? Check out their Employee Retention Flip Book.

7 Ways To Reduce Employee Turnover

If you’re still not getting great results from employee retention strategies, you might need to dig deeper into the reasons why employees leave. BountiXP offers several actionable areas you might need to improve.

Think Like an Employee

A recent article by Jeff Kortes that puts retention strategy and employee happiness into perspective. Bottom line: Don’t forget about how high-level decisions impact all of your employees.

Climbing the Retention Peak

You might want to print out this infographic and hang it up for inspiration (if anything, for the view). It’s a good reminder of how employee retention varies between management levels, with a link for more information from ADP’s Retention Report

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