Improve Your Employer Branding on LinkedIn in 3 Easy Steps

Improve Your Employer Branding on LinkedIn in 3 Easy Steps

The LinkedIn ecosystem can be hard to manage with a small team. With over 500 million users nation-wide, it has become increasingly difficult to weed through bad-fit applicants and get in front of users that you actually want to hire.

More importantly, once you get qualified candidates to your page, how do you get them into your talent pipeline? Many companies, especially those that are B2B, tailor their Linkedin content to attract customers and hope that the mission and vision offered in the “About Us” is enough to garner interest from potential employees.

If you’re worried that your employer branding on LinkedIn is sub-par, or just want to bolster its effectiveness, here are 3 easy steps to success:

Post Content Your Candidates Want to See

It’s easy to treat LinkedIn like the rest of your social media and it’s tempting to repost the same content on every medium, but never forget that LinkedIn is visited mostly by professionals, not customers. You can’t just rely on promoting your company’s products and directing people to your blog. Instead, share content that is relevant to people who work in your industry.


Build a content strategy around passive candidates. You want them to know who you are because you’re their go-to experts on XYZ in the industry. Over time, they’ll grow to trust your company, understand it’s brand, and get excited when a job opportunity comes up.


Example: You’re a software company that uses AI to power voice-activated ads.

While your Facebook and Twitter content will be tailored to B2B audiences in marketing and programming, your LinkedIn page should include a range of articles, videos, and podcasts that deal with the evolution of AI, marketing, and radio and streaming services. Here’s a great example of an interesting and compelling LinkedIn presence.

Get Your Employees involved

Having compelling content isn’t enough when nobody sees it. Until you’ve built a community of followers for your LinkedIn page, your employees can help get your messages out in front of more people.

Ask your employees to share new and engaging posts to your LinkedIn page with their personal networks. The more that they engage with the content, the more engaging culture you present to their peers. Make sure they’re involved with industry and professional groups and ask them to share your content in the group whenever it is appropriate. They can even include links to your LinkedIn page or job board in their personal posts and email footers.


Optimize your “About Us” with relevant keywords for hiring

You only have 2,000 characters to showcase your company's consumer AND employer brand, so you’re going to have to think smart. Make sure that the language you use to describe your mission and business goals are simple, accessible, and in-line with your company’s overall SEO strategy and keywords relevant to hiring.

This is easiest in service industries. For example, Our “About Us” includes keywords for the recruiting industry like “professional recruiting” and “flexibility” that are often searched by both clients and applicants for our organization. If it’s hard to include employer-related keywords organically, then include a short paragraph devoted to your team with info about your company’s culture, mission, and goals.

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