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4 Quick Tips to Decrease Your Time to Fill

It’s go time. The job description is approved, the requirements are in order, and you’ve just spent way too long preparing for the hardest part of the job - waiting for interested applicants. Here are a few tips to keep interest up and your hiring process running smoothly.

Improve Your Employer Branding on LinkedIn in 3 Easy Steps

Many companies, especially those that are B2B, tailor their Linkedin content to attract customers and hope that the mission and vision offered in the “About Us” is enough to garner interest from potential employees. If you’re worried that your employer branding on LinkedIn is sub-par, or just want to bolster its effectiveness, here are 3 easy steps to success:

4 Tips to Build and Maintain a Talent Pipeline

Imagine a world where if an employee leaves unexpectedly, you are ready and waiting with two or three perfectly qualified candidates to jump start you hiring process. Keeping your recruiting channels open 24/7 requires a decent amount of time and dedication from your staff. However, it’s certainly worth the effort.