Client Success: Terradatum

Client Success: Terradatum

We’ve had the good fortune of helping dozens of clients see great hiring results over the last three years. Hiring remains an ongoing challenge for so many companies. Whether you are a CEO, an HR leader, or a hiring manager, you can attest to this reality. Thankfully, the 1H model is designed to flip that and make it easy and stress-free.

Today, we want to showcase how one of our clients has successfully deployed our unique recruiting model by engaging us for the long term and across a variety of needs.


The company is Terradatum  - an industry-leading player in advanced data and analytics for the Real Estate market.

When they first discovered us, the HR leader faced a key gap - the ability to find great talent without hiring a full-time recruiter in-house, and without paying exorbitant placement fees to agencies. Their team was spread across the country, and a few key roles were needing extra attention due to their complexity and considerations around finding the right fit for the company's culture.

The Core Need:

Terradatum needed a reliable way to find quality candidates. But they did not have the bandwidth to spend a lot of internal time in the search process. They required pre-qualified people who were ready, capable, and willing to interview.  As with any emerging company, they also needed a budget-friendly solution.

How we partnered: We deployed one of our technical recruiters to the case! He quickly built a pipeline of potential candidates, and he even submitted a top candidate within the first two weeks. He started by understanding the dynamics of the role and the team. We probed areas such as:

  • How to sell the opportunity to prospective talent
  • Company’s growth trajectory implications for this person
  • Benefits offered
  • Key qualities to look for (or watch out for) before submitting a candidate
  • Managing the interview process and hiring decision process

After filling our first search in under 30 hours, we gained the team’s trust to assist with more roles. They introduced us to others within the organization, and we were able to extend beyond any single focus area. Our recruiter has remained an integral part of their hiring efforts for 14 consecutive months, having worked on 12 open roles during that period.  

Types of Roles:   

We’ve been able to help across the gamut of the company’s hiring needs. We’ve filled roles at junior and senior levels in the following areas:

  • Business Analyst
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Customer Service
  • Technology Trainer
  • Sales Manager

Success Highlights:

  1. Savings: The average search cost has totaled less than $6,500 per hire. This is a mere fraction of what most recruiting firms would charge for contingent or retainer fees.
  2. Great hires: We’ve been able to fill the roles with quality people that are integral to the team’s growth.
  3. Sigh of relief in the HR department: Here’s what the head of HR told us about her take on the process: "Al makes recruiting painless for our team! Throughout the whole process, we never need to call to get status updates, which we love. We receive a weekly update as to the progress of each job we have posted, with details of where we are at in the process. It is a pleasure to work with 1H Recruiting; they make recruiting easy!"
  4. Leverage for other strategic initiatives: Through our ownership of the hiring engine, the team’s time has been opened to focus on other issues of strategic importance. For example, the company recently went through a merger, and the CEO had this to say: “Couldn't have done it, in part, if y'all hadn't taken on wrestling some of the other crocodiles while we turned our attention to such efforts. Keep up the great work!”

Are you interested in seeing similar results with your company’s hiring? From filling one-off and hard-to-find positions to serving as an adjunct to your own internal talent acquisition function, we can help! We’d love to speak with you about your needs and why the 1H model makes so much sense.

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