4 Quick Tips to Decrease Your Time to Fill

4 Quick Tips to Decrease Your Time to Fill

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It’s go time.

The job description is finalized, the requirements are in order, and you probably just spent way too long preparing for the hardest part of the job - waiting for interested applicants. According to Indeed and the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR), About 43 percent of job openings are filled within the first month, and once you’ve passed that 30 day mark, job postings are likely to stay unfilled for three months or more.

So what can you do to speed the process along, besides biting your nails? Here are a few tips to keep interest up and your hiring process running smoothly after you’ve posted an opening:

Post to Multiple Job Sites

Now more than ever, the talent you’re looking for has many avenues from which they can choose to search for, judge, and ultimately apply for a job. Don’t limit yourself (and your posting) to your internal job board. Advertise your position on sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster to increase visibility in the larger market, and don’t forget local job boards and universities to engage with talented individuals in your area!

Advertise Internally

Employee referrals are often one of the best ways for HR teams to source talent today. Undercover Recruiter reports that 20% of employee referrals end up being hired. What’s more, employee referrals have the highest first year retention rate in the business- 46% compared to 33% for career sites. If you don’t have an internal referral process in place, look into the types of incentives you could offer employees for their recommendations.

At the very least, ask around! Your current employees can help you find the best fits, both professionally and culturally, based on their personal and professional networks.

Be Proactive

Let’s say you’ve posted your job, you’ve advertised internally, and 32 days have passed. Don’t lose hope. Your next employee is out there, you may just need to find them.

Spend some time on LinkedIn and other professional networking sites and engage with passive talent in your specialty. Consider hiring a recruiting service like 1H to help establish a pipeline of interested candidates that may have otherwise been off your shortlist (learn more about pipelining here).

Be Patient

Don’t let a drawn-out hiring process make you sacrifice your standards and bring on someone you might regret. The right talent is out there. Review the job requirements, and make sure they’re realistic for the position you’re hiring. Don’t be afraid to consult your outgoing employee or their department head and see if your posting is missing any information that would be attractive to potential applicants. But, remember that the hiring process can take time, and stay patient while you continue to search for candidates.

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