6 Reasons Why You Should Work With An Executive Search Agency

6 Reasons Why You Should Work With An Executive Search Agency

Unless you’re an enterprise with an ongoing recruitment strategy, in-house hiring and recruiting typically falls under the blanket tasks of the HR team. There are times when hiring in-house is a no-brainer, like if you can promote from within or have a bank of employee referrals to fall back on. However, there are times (particularly when you’re executive-level roles) when the task of recruiting the right candidate becomes a burden on your hiring team.

In those cases, hiring a recruiting firm isn’t as scary as you think. Plus, finding a recruiter that charges a transparent, hourly fee instead of a commission will help you save a ton of time and money on the hiring process.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you need to bring in an expert, then you should probably hear us out on why executive search agencies like 1H are here to make your hiring process easier, cheaper, and more transparent.

You are hiring a very specialized role.

Beyond executive search, which can be a huge pain for hiring teams, any complicated or specialized role that you add to your staff can be hard for in-house recruiters to fill. If your department head insists on a laundry list of qualifications or if you need a perfect cultural fit, then engaging with a recruiter might be the best way to get what you need.

Why? Because they have industry connections and expertise that your in-house staff doesn’t. They know where to look for highly specialized executives and have the time to engage with passive talent that you might miss.

You don’t have time to sort through resumes

If your internal team is doing their job right, they’ve created an engaging and enticing job description. Unfortunately, that rockstar job description can attract a huge pool of resumes- all with varying degrees of quality. Chances are, you don’t have time to sort through the mess.

External search teams can help get a leg-up on your pool of candidates, and present you with a pipeline of qualified applicants and passive job seekers. They have the time, the savvy, and the expertise to quickly disqualify the junk and present you with the folks you actually want to interview.

They have a better network of candidates than you do.

Sorry hiring managers, but this is just a fact. Think about it, your job description covers way more than just maintaining relationships with candidates. In fact, when was the last time you reached out to the pool that you have in your ATS today just to connect?

An executive recruiter spends a lot of their personal and professional time cultivating relationships so that you can have access to quality candidates fast.

They can advise on role specifics.

There are many things to consider when hiring for a newly created role, especially when you’re looking for an executive team. What’s your compensation structure? Will you be offering equity? Should you be offering equity? If you’re hiring in a role for the first time, you’ll need all of these questions answered in order to be competitive for talent.

Find a recruiter that specializes in your field. They will be able to give you examples of similar roles they’ve worked in the past, and help you set expectations for compensation, benefits, and time-to-fill. Think of them as a partner here, not just a contractor.

The best candidates already have jobs.

Just like you don’t have the time to sift through junky resumes, you probably don’t have time time to actively reach out to passive talent. However, we all know that the best person for your job probably isn’t out there waiting for your job posting to go live.

Executive recruiters make the industry their entire business. They know which passive candidates to engage, how to approach them, and best practices for reeling them in.

Faster time-to-hire.

When it’s time to start a hiring push, your in-house team is likely starting from ground zero. They need to create a plan, a budget, a job description, and then get out there and find candidates.
In contrast, a good recruiter is never caught without a database of qualified candidates and the resources to get the right ones in your hands in record time. Give us a call, and we’ll give you a few of our favorite example

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