Our Story

We started 1H Recruiting with a mission of bringing a more equitable and sensible approach to the recruiting industry.
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We believe in a more efficient approach to recruiting. The industry is ready for a new model, and we believe 1H delivers just what it needs.

— Jesse Grossman, Co-Founder & CEO

The 1H Difference starts with a few simple promises:

  • We promise to treat your business interests and resources with care and attention

  • We promise to be personable and adaptable on every search assignment

  • We promise to be transparent and highly communicative each step of the way


Frequently Asked Questions about 1H Recruiting


How did we get started?

We started 1H Recruiting as industry outsiders, not recruiters. After spotting inefficiency in the traditional agency placement model, we decided a new alternative was long overdue. We’ve built a team of highly experienced recruiters who know how to find the best talent across a multitude of roles, and we stay relentlessly committed to delivering the best possible experience to each and every client. 


Why is it called 1H?

1H Recruiting comes from the chemical symbol for Hydrogen, the lightest of all elements and an integral component in increased battery efficiency. The scientific explanation has little to do with our literal business, which is the point. We accelerate our clients’ growth while helping them avoid the heavy weight of handling hiring in-house.  This is what we want you to think of whenever you see the 1H name.

Why do we charge hourly?

The hourly model keeps it simple, straightforward, and most of the time, surprisingly affordable. Because we act as consultants and partners in our clients’ hiring process, it makes sense to charge for the time we work rather than by the placement. This helps take your hiring budget farther and gives you more for your investment. Plus, our incentives are more aligned as we work together to fill roles as quickly as we can, saving you time, money and headache in your hiring. 

How are we different?

1H Recruiting is built on transparency all the way. We share our candidate pipeline with you and actively solicit feedback to help us hone our search as we go. That pipeline is yours to keep, and those candidates are yours to hire, without ever paying extra commissions or placement fees. Combine that transparency with complete flexibility (no long term commitments) and the deep experience of our recruiting team, and you’ll quickly see why 1H really does deliver.