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Contract Recruiting,,

The Way It sHould Be dOne.

The best way to find the talent you need, without any stress or Any hefty placement fees.

You need to hire. You try to avoid big recruiting fees. We get it! 

Hiring is only getting more competitive. We are your best source for hard-to-find talent in Marketing, Sales & Technology, from junior level hires to experienced executive placements. And we will save you time and money with our unique hourly model! You can smile now.

We are the opposite of the traditional search firm, with a model based on a flat and fair hourly rate. You pay us for the time we work, and we deliver amazing results you can trust. This means you can stop paying a huge % of salary for a single placement.

We work in all 50 states, and we partner with you from Day 1 for the most efficient and transparent recruiting process you can imagine. Together, let’s take your recruiting budget much farther!

Simply browsing for future hiring options? Need a job filled yesterday? Drop us a line and we'll be in touch in no time, with no sales-y pressure, either. 

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